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Allison Stemper
Allison Stemper
Graphic Designer. Illustrator. 
Marketing Consultant. Content Creator. Jill-of-All Trades

Ever since I can remember I have always had an eye for creating and altering the way the normal eye views things. Every cardboard box was turned into an elaborate doll-mansion, and every piece of construction paper was a masterpiece I took very seriously. As I grew older, technology grabbed hold of my generation and I decided to do something with it for the greater good. Create.

In 2016 I graduated from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College with an Associate degree in Design & Graphic Technology as well as a Technical diploma in Print Technology. After graduation I obtained over 3 years of diverse marketing management and digital media experience in various industries. That time allowed me to develop my craft of content creation to better promote brands and connect with the community. However, I was not yet finished with learning in this world of ever-changing technology, so I began the Digital Media Technology Program at NWTC in Fall of 2019 and graduated this Spring of 2020 with another degree. I was ready to step back into the corporate world with all of the new and polished knowledge, experience, and charisma I had to offer.

When I am not creating things with technology, I enjoy the great outdoors, finding that perfect cup of coffee and discovering new music. I also love the arts in general and consider marketing to be one of those arts, as it needs to be creative, imaginative and expressive.

Check out my portfolio icons to see samples of my work! Please reach out for I would love to talk about how I can help you tell your story and kickstart your digital footprint. 

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